What’s the New Home Building Process Like?

Getting Started

You’ve been dreaming about it for years: building the perfect home. When the time comes to get started, we like to make sure our clients know what to expect. Every project will have certain nuances, but in general, the new home building process looks like this:

1. Make a Plan

The construction process begins with your dream, a piece of land, and a clear contract. In the contract we spell out the timeline of the project, estimate the costs, and lay out the expectations for both Crown Point Builders, and you.

Obviously, we don’t always expect you to have all the answers while we’re putting together the contract. We’ll get a general idea from you regarding flooring styles, windows, etc. and build in what we call “allowances” to serve as placeholders in the budget. If your final choices come in over budget you’ll be billed for the difference, and if it’s under budget you’ll receive a credit!

2. Prep the Building Site

Once the building site is all permitted we’ll work with a competent excavator to clear the land of rocks, trees, and other debris. Next, we’ll get a driveway cleared so we can get the rest of equipment to the site, and have the excavator dig the foundation.

With the foundation dug, we’ll pour the concrete and tie the walls together with the first floor flooring system. Meanwhile the excavator will usually move on to the septic system. With these pieces in place, we’re ready to start building horizontally!

3. Build the House

At this point you’ll really begin to see your dream take shape. We build the frame and flesh out the house. This is when many of the allowances will come in to play as you finalize decisions about flooring, windows, and any other specifics.

With nearly 30 years of experience, our planning & organization through this process will allow us to meet the completion date we’ve promised, at which point you can celebrate by moving in to your brand new dream home!

For a more in depth look at the process, view our process page.

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