Tips for Buying Land for Building a New Home


When it comes to buying land for building a new home, nobody likes surprises. When you’re in the market for land to settle down on here are a few things to consider:


Is the land hilly, or flat? Flat land tends to be cheaper to develop, but hilly land can offer other benefits. Do you want a walk out basement? That makes it a little easier (read: cheaper!) to finish the basement as well!

Vermont is known for it’s beautiful hills and green mountains, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a flat parcel! Knowing which way you’d like to go will help you prevent buyer’s remorse later!

Permitting Considerations

Even more important than the topography is the ability to permit the land. Vermont requires new construction to have water and waste water permits. The laws dictate how far away your well can be from another well or leach field, as well as where your leach field can go. There are times the permitting process can force you to change your build location on the property!

Don’t let the permitting process warp your dream build! When you’re considering buying a piece of land ask your realtor if the property has already been permitted. If not, hire a pro to come in and scope out existing properties to give you a good sense of where you can build, and, in rare cases, if the property can even be permitted!

Getting Started Buying Land for Building a New Home

Buying land for building your new home is the first step in the process. At Crown Point Builders we love helping our clients navigate the process. Give us a call at (802) 875-5240 or send us a message:

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